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Recycling & Disposal

In the ever changing and ever expanding world wide market place, recycling and disposal of unwanted IT equipment has become an important consideration for most companies.

As advances are made in the industry, computer systems will be replaced by newer versions, rendering components and whole systems either obsolete or redundant.

Kew Computers recognise and understand the legal structures that govern the recycling and disposal of obsolete IT equipment.

In accordance with environmental and legal policies, our professional disposal service provides a properly managed procedure, keeping your company on the right side of the law. We also provide a data destruction service, safely and securely destroying hard drive data by electronic or physical means depending on your requirements. Protecting you against identity theft or competitors obtaining your commercially sensitive data .

Our extensive and varied knowledge base will help identify equipment that is still usable in the marketplace. In some cases we will offer to buy unwanted items which have become redundant to your company but which can be used in the support of other clients.

Not only will you gain financially, but by being willing to recycle your unwanted equipment you can play an important role in maintaining the world's ecology.


If you are one of our many copier/printer MPS clients we have a dedicated recycling service for all your used and worn out consumables. Please click HERE to get details.

To view our current Environment Agency listing please click here.

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